• By Team WildStar on Sep 15, 2015

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    Recurring payment

    Loyalty Program

    Two-Step Authentication

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  • By Team WildStar on Sep 15, 2015

    This guide was created to find out how to rest, where to do it, what kind of décor to use and where to put it to achieve the maximum bonuses. All this is described below.

    Rest bonus is not a little one, so we are interested to get it. Sometimes happens that you want to pass quests and you fly to a new location, but there are mobs that have +3-4 level higher than you. So this bonus helps you to increase your level. Also achieving 50 level, the rest is more useful than before. After 50 level your experience line will change into Eldan Gems. So if you have the bonus, you will earn gold much faster.

    Also notice, that the max quantity of rest is 150% of your level (1,5 progress bar).

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  • By Team WildStar on Aug 01, 2015

    Please, remember that over these changes are still working and on the basis of  testing and player’ feedback will be made modifications.

    • The end of the first PvP season

     The second PvP season will start a little bit later, once will be made the necessary changes in various systems of battle and PvP gear.

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