Zones that were not announced — Murkmire and Dreadmoor

By Team WildStar on Oct 15, 2015

Quite a long time screenshots of two zones that had not been announced before were circulating the web, but this time there were published plenty of them, so we can’t just go by.

Developers say nothing about them at all. Are these zones enough ready? Murkmire is enough good. There are approximately 120 of tasks.

Judge by screenshots location design is on a high level and has been ready long ago. There are no draw defects (it’s amazing, because in other games even before release we can see some defects on screenshots and video). The matter depends on working on the subject, writing the text for tasks. However we know that the developers’ team is working on rewriting of description system (it was told about it at one of the last developers’ streams). So we’ll find out something more from the official sources after transferring into F2P.

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