PVP Plans for the future Part 2

By Team WildStar on Aug 01, 2015

Please, remember that over these changes are still working and on the basis of  testing and player’ feedback will be made modifications.

• The end of the first PvP season

 The second PvP season will start a little bit later, once will be made the necessary changes in various systems of battle and PvP gear.

 • Battles between members of the same fraction

 Exiles and Dominion will be able to improve their battle skills against members of their fraction.

 • PvP contracts

 A new feature – contracts will make the gameplay faster and more exciting. We'll talk more about them in the next update.

 • Changes in gear

 Current PvP sets of "Blue" quality can be purchased for gold, but not for prestige.

 With all the equipment will be removed requirements for the rating that will allow players to reserve prestige points for equipment of 1800 rate.

 • New awards for prestige

 You can spend prestige points for the purchase of bags, in which you can find be random fragments of runes or signs of the elements.

 • Additional AMP / ability points

There will be increased the maximum number of prestige points and allowed players to collect a complete set of AMP and skill points - only if you participate in PvP battles.

 • Balancing on battlefields

 All players will have the same level of items - about the same level as the equipment more than 1800.

 Because PvP gear has PvP defense / attack, so usually it is better than the same   PvE gear by level.

 Plans by the end of 2015:

 • The end of the second PvP season and the introduction of a new set:

 New set that can be purchased for prestige points. Imbuement will allow to strengthen your equipment if you are taking part in battles with other players.

This set will have the same number of runes, as in the same PvE gear.

 Most likely, the level of the set will be higher than the level of the current equipment more than 1800, so the current equipment’s level will be increased during the player is on the battlefield.

 There also will be available cosmetic equipment.

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