PVP Plans for the future

By Team WildStar on Dec 18, 2014

PvP is a very important element of MMO games that attracts players who enjoy  intense duels with the most dangerous enemies, which are players too. The competitive spirit of the Arena Season and teamwork on the battlefields still remain one of the most important part of WildStar. Year 2015 has arrived, so it’s time to talk about the plans for this year for PvP. The developers’ team believes that it is necessary to give an opportunuty to PvP community to make contribution to the game. We hope that you take some time to look at the planned changes and make your own opinion what you think about them. The developers will participate in the event organized by the players of Town Hall, dedicated to PvP in WildStar.

So, let's have a look at the changes for this year.

 In next update, Project "Protogames" will be added:

• Daily PvP quests with lots of PvP objectives.

• New weekly assignments

• Random rewards for using the "Select a random battlefield" option.

These changes will not affect on the balance sheet or play style, so players will more often participate in PvP battles.

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