FAQ about free player model Part 3

By Team WildStar on Oct 08, 2015

What will happen to my account if the term of recurring payment is expired?


If you cancel the recurring payment method for your account in signature service or the validity of recurring payments expires, than you won’t be subscribed to for the next period of signature service. If there is left subscription time from the last payment at your account, than activity of signature service for your account will be extended until the date of the last payment. After that, if recurring payments were not activated repeatedly,than account will become free and account bonuses will be deleted.


However it influences only at signature service’s bonuses. All the rest that can be obtained by not obligatory purchases at the website or in ingame shop will remain available for your account. Irrespective of the type of your account (free or signature), you will always have access to obtained items and services until the game servers are closed. The same thing is applied to bonuses, which are obtained by the loyalty program.



What will happen if I decide to refuse from signature  and become a free player?


If you want to stop the activity of signature service, just cancel recurring payments. Your access to signature service will be saved until the term of actual payment is expired, after that account will be converted into free one. As we mentioned before is will influence only the access to bonuses which are offered by signature service. Any obtained items and bonuses of loyalty program will be available.


How many active characters can be on my account?


It depends on how your account has been created:


All the account, which were created with the help of the key of the physical game copy or the key which is available at the website before transition to shareware model will have 12 active cells for characters on each server. To get 12 cells buying key will be possible after transition to a new payment model.


Account created after transition into shareware payment model without using physical key or electronic edition of WildStar will have 2 active cells for characters on each server. This is applied to free accounts and for accounts with subscription. Cell for the characters can always be purchased.

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