FAQ about free player model Part 2

By Team WildStar on Oct 01, 2015

What will happen to low level characters if during transferring they are at

training zones (spaceships)?


Because of the changes, which are introduced for improving training game process, 1-3 level characters, which are at training zones will be deleted. If player wants to save such characters, he needs to move the characters into another zone before transferring to a new payment model.


Will there increase the amount of spam and inadequate players when introducing shareware model?


Yes, these concerns are partial justified; because of appearing a lot of new players, but developers introduce systems which will allow holding back disturbers. So shareware players will be able to use chat, mail and trade with other players, though these play elements are not usually available in other game with shareware payment model.


May I purchase the game from internet? And how much will it cost?


As we mentioned before the game will be free. However you may still find the game copies at the shops or in internet. These copies will differ by price depending on the seller, but edition keys offer the same bonuses for today. Thirty day of play time will be transferred into thirty days of subscription.

Is it possible to purchase game time key while transferring into shareware model?


After changing of payment model WildStar you won’t be able to purchase digital game time keys at NCStore. Unused keys can be applied to your account. Physical copies of play time cards will still be available at retail sellers, but during limited time period.


There is a game currency called wildstar gold, which makes game process more comfortable. Cheap wildstar gold can be bought at our website. Enjoy playing with wildstar gold.

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