FAQ about free player model Part 1

By Team WildStar on Sep 15, 2015

Key definitions

Free player

Signature Service

Signature account

Recurring payment

Loyalty Program

Two-Step Authentication

How to become a free player?

To become a free player you need to create a WildStar account. All you need is an email adress and password. After you have created account, the one thing left is to download the client and to create your first character.

Will I need a credit card for the game?

No, you won’t need it. Credit card will need the owners of the accounts who use and resumption of using signature service or buying Ncoin, this is one more possible currency which can be used for buying a lot of ingame items and services to all products of NCSOFT company.

How free player accounts will be converted into signature accounts?

You may get access into signature service ingame or at the official website. It depends on if there is saved information about payments for account and is active two-step authentication.

  • If account doesn’t have saved information about the payments, signature service will be available in account management section at Wildstar website.
  • If there is indicated payment method for account, but there is no two-step authentication than signature service will be available only at website.
  • If there is indicated payment method and there is two-step authentication, than signature service will be available in ingame shop or at website.

Note: You cannot use PayPal for buying items and transferring to signature system, when you are in game.

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