Contract system

By Team WildStar on Jul 01, 2015

A few words about contracts.

Contracts are a new game element introduced into the Drop 5, which will allow players to enter for a short time into the game and still feel their progress .

• The first contract gives 50 points and is repeatable. So, you can do it an infinite number of times.

• Other contracts are time-dependent. For example, some are created for 24 hours.

• PvP-contracts also vary in levels.

 • At the moment the greatest rewards are bags with items of iLvl 65.

• Some tasks, for example as «Triple kill» work only at monsters of 47-50 level, while the «Kill 10 primes» work also at rare monsters of level 10.

In fact, the contracts allow to dress on the players, who do not have a lot of time for the game.

It is important:

• Contracts are only available from level 50.

• Divide into PvE and PvP-categories with different tasks and rewards. You can perform two categories at the same time.

• Contracts have three levels of difficulty.

• In each category are always available five different missions.

• You can perform three contracts at the same time.

• You can take and pass contracts only on a special point in the capital of your fraction.

• Enemies and items related to the contract are marked with a special icon.

• Contract system has its own special interface.

Remember: contracts are short missions.

Depending on the complexity different contracts offer different rewards:

• Points of contracts (50 - 450 depending on the complexity)

• Gold (1 to 5 gold)

• Bags (runes, gold, rare equipment or epic quality)

In addition to simple awards contracts have a progress system, which offer just crazy awards.

• For 1-4 thousand of points, you get 57-61 level of equipment.

• 5,000 points give 2.5 platinum and a bag of surprises (vehicles, paints, pets or a random thing of rare or epic quality).

For PvP:

  • One thousand gives a bag of runes or boots of 64 iLvl.
  • Two thousand gives a bag with a reward or a helmet 64 iLvl
  • Three thousand give a bag of surprises (vehicles, paints, pets or random thing PvP-thing epic quality).

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