• By Team WildStar on Oct 15, 2015

    Quite a long time screenshots of two zones that had not been announced before were circulating the web, but this time there were published plenty of them, so we can’t just go by.

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  • By Team WildStar on Oct 08, 2015

    What will happen to my account if the term of recurring payment is expired?


    If you cancel the recurring payment method for your account in signature service or the validity of recurring payments expires, than you won’t be subscribed to for the next period of signature service. If there is left subscription time from the last payment at your account, than activity of signature service for your account will be extended until the date of the last payment. After that, if recurring payments were not activated repeatedly,than account will become free and account bonuses will be deleted.

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  • By Team WildStar on Oct 01, 2015

    What will happen to low level characters if during transferring they are at

    training zones (spaceships)?

    Because of the changes, which are introduced for improving training game process, 1-3 level characters, which are at training zones will be deleted. If player wants to save such characters, he needs to move the characters into another zone before transferring to a new payment model.

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