• By Team WildStar on Sep 01, 2015

    Technologists are medicine people, but instead of using a scalpel and sutures they prefer unstable drugs and untested technology. Using materials obtained from the Eldan relics, they try to make the wild Nexus frontiers less dangerous for all of us. They create medicinal potions and items for strengthening that can be used by any class. If you do not mind working with corrosive skin drugs, plants that cause itching and equipment on the black market, then possibly on the Nexus will appear one more Technologist.

    Type of occupation: Craft

    Preferably, the second profession: Relic Hunter

    Preferred Class: Any. Anyone can use the medicines.

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  • By Team WildStar on Aug 15, 2015

    Tailors are craftsmen, who specialize in tissue, which is used by mobile gunslingers and spell casters of Nexus. They are independent and are able to get what they need, just fighting and collecting trophies, so not even not Tailors can participate in this. Tailors can improve the armor, which they create by changing the scheme in that way, so it fits better to its armor carrier. If you like knitting, sewing and analysis of the objects of your dead enemies, maybe you should choose Tailor.

    Type of occupation: Craft

    Preferably, the second profession: None. Tailor is completely self-sufficient. It can be combined with the collective profession, because you can use a part of the collected material and sell unnecessary.

    Preferred class: Spellslinger or Esper

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  • By Team WildStar on Aug 01, 2015

    Outfitters are craftsmen, who create medium armor from the skin and bones and improvements for it. Like Armorers and Tailors, Outfitters, they decided to specialize in armor, which reflects features of its carrier - strong, but flexible. If you like the smell of paint, tanned hides and raw bones, maybe you should to try Outfitting.

    Type of occupation: Craft

    Preferably, the second profession: Survivalist

    Preferred class: Stalker or Medic

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