By Team WildStar on Nov 10, 2014

Needless to say, that every science fiction game is very interesting for fantasy fans. Every new game opens an exciting world of adventures and new experience. Wildstar definitely meets expectations.

All the actions in the game happen in the imaginary world called Nexus. Creatively stylized game with stunning graphics attracts attention from the first minute. The plot of the game is set around mysterious world full of aliens and ruins of the developed civilization leaving really advanced technologies and science secrets.

There are different factions and races that support or fight with each other. There are two main factions conquering each other in the game: the Exiles and the great Dominions. There is also a currency in Wildstar that is commonly used to be a more effective player, spending less time enhancing skills of the particular character.

By the way, wildstar gold is also called “platinum”, but they are the same. Wildstar gold will help the player to stay alive in the battlegrounds, to gear up your character in critical moments. As a matter of fact, gold is also useful for leveling. The basic way of getting the game-in gold is pretty time and resources consuming, so if you wish to achieve the next level the wildstar platinum is the most effective way to do that. Defeat the enemies and enjoy entertaining game scenarios!

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