Meet the super colorful and exciting Wildstar adventure!

By Team WildStar on Dec 29, 2014

Are you tired with boring online games? Wildstar is a colorful science-fictional video game developed by famous Carbine Studious in California. The events in the game take place on the Nexus planet, previously abandoned by the race that was called The Eldan, but discovered after mysterious disappearance by the next generations.

These discoverers are presented by the following professions: Settlers, Soldiers, Explorers and, of course, Scientists. These brave characters are wandering across the rediscovered galaxy and looking for adventures, findings and secrets left by the Eldan in the reason to create more effective and developed world in future.

Wildstar gold is a sort of the currency used for the game economy. Variety of armor, equipment, power and things like that can be bought for this gold. Moreover, buying the currency, you’re saving your time you had to waste to achieve some goals. Such financial model in the game is very convenient for those who value resources and free time.

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Hurry up — Wildstar adventures are waiting for you!

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